Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Productive Proscrastination

Oxymoron? Sounds like it. But recently, I've come to find that I am quite the productive procrastinator. And there is only one time of the year to find this out: midterms.

Ah, yes. Just like the movies. All-nighters, late nights fueled with coffee, cram sessions into the wee hours of the morning. 

Looks about right, right? But if you're me, this Fall you look a bit more like this: 

Ok, well minus the apron and the clean kitchen and that portable red phone from 1999, plus the sweats, yes this is me. These last two weeks I have been in serious midterm denial and instead of studying away as a good student should, I have resorted to cooking and baking food. Food we don't even need!

Case in point: last week while making an entire birthday cake for one person (I now think cupcakes would have been much more appropriate) and enchiladas for a certain birthday dinner, I decided why not make TWO PANS of chicken casserole to freeze. I mean, I've got 35 minutes until this cake is done. Did I mention this was the night before my finance midterm?

Cut to Sunday, which may have been my weakest moment. Although I tried with everything I had to buckle down for my Monday midterm, this seemed like a much better use of time: 

Yes folks, that is approximately 45 stuffed shells. That just had to get done so we had something to eat in, well you know, three or four weeks (or whenever they get pulled out of the freezer).

This weekend was a wake up call: I am officially 23 going on 53. So maybe I clean bathrooms, and do laundry and make excessive amounts of food when I'm procrastinating (which I'm sure my boyfriend just hates)...

..but you can't say I'm not productive!

And, I don't think Martha Stewart did all that and passed her finance midterm. Just sayin'..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To...

Happy Birthday cover-stealer, bed sprawler, sleep talker.

Happy Birthday breakfast chef, handyman, do-it-aller.

Happy Birthday therapist, confidant, resassure-er.

Happy Birthday believer, acheiver, dreamer. 

Happy Birthday adventurer, enthusiast, ready to see the world-er.  

Happy Birthday boyfriend, roomie, best friend.

Happy Birthday to...you! Each and every single part of you I love.