Friday, July 6, 2012

Everyone Loves An Engagement!

What have I learned this week? Everyone loves an engagement. And of course, for good reason!

Before I get started, everyone cool your jets, this is not my engagement. Last week we got great news that my brother (and soon to be sister-in-law) are engaged! Its funny how such great news creates a certain euphoric state amongst everyone, not just the future Mr. and Mrs. Kind of like the indescribable baby high I felt when my nieces were born.

Growing up, trailing behind my brother by just two years, we shared a lot without even knowing it. He went off to college; I followed two years behind. He went off to grad school; I followed two years behind. He secured his first job; I trailed a year behind. As we both became older, and that baby gap began to close, we even shared friends, experiences, and dare I say, laughs. Without knowing it, he's paved "the way" for me in many ways, and to see him (and his fiance) so happy, so content, and so crazy about one another, makes me so excited to again follow the example he's set.....eventually!

And so with another wedding comes another welcome member of our constantly changing family, no longer defined by Mom, Dad, Andy, Katie, and Kevin. When all is said and done, my family won't just double in size, but as I've learned with the introduction of my nieces, and sister-in-law, its bound to triple, maybe quadruple in size by the time we're all accounted for.

So congratulation again to the happy couple, we feel very lucky to have you both!