Wednesday, January 2, 2013

May Old Resolutions Be Forgot

Maybe this post should take a cue from my last one. How did we get here? January 2, 2013, months (and that's generous) without a post, more changes than I can count, a new season, a new year…you take your pick!

But I'm back. And with that, a new commitment to myself to revisit you all. And not just for you, even though I know you've all missed me so, but for me. 

I stray from the "R" word though. Not a resolution. The pressure once a year to make grand, often unattainable changes, only complicated by the 5-8 lbs of holiday weight, lingering hangover, and the "I can't believe I really have to go back to work" mornings in bed. 

So this year mine is not an intention, to be forgotten once the cold of winter hits, but a commitment, a promise.

To revive not only my blog but myself. 

To do the things that make me happy, and to do more of the things I know will make me happy if I just shut up and do them. 

To run. 

To write. 

To enjoy. 

To stress less. 

To connect. 

To find and maintain balance. 

To continue searching for my passion. To find it.

To make lasting change. For this 365 days, and the next, and the next. 

So, don't be overwhelmed by the January 1 resolution deadline. Start January 2, or 3, or 23. May old resolutions be forgot, to make room for all of your commitments this year.

..and hey, if you can kick those 5-8 lbs, consider it an added bonus!

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