Friday, January 28, 2011

Introductions are Awkward

Let's face it--introductions are awkward. I'd go through the ABCs of introducting myself, but chances are if you're here you already have some idea. And if you don't... well I guess you'll find out along the way. 

I'll tell you a little bit about why I'm here. I guess you can call starting this blog up a bit of a long overdue New Years resolution, although I cringe using that phrase. I promise that unlike a resolution, this will last well past February or March. I've always enjoyed writing, but it's always been work. Writing for papers, writing for proposals, writing for work, writing for things I could care less about--this, coupled with weekends spent sleeping in and watching obscene amounts of reality TV has left very little time for writing for pleasure (no really, it exists).

I promised myself when I studied abroad I would start a blog to document all the amazing things I was doing, people I was meeting and places I was seeing. Well, that was the spring of 2009. I guess I was too busy studying... 

I recently moved to a new city, convinced myself to stay in school 2 more years, began a new job, am living alone for the first time while in the midst of a cross-country relationship. This is the stuff reality shows blogs are made of.

So here it goes. You've gotten here, which is half the battle. If you stick with me I promise to give you a glimpse into this crazy life that I know as my own; if nothing else I'm sure you'll be entertained and who knows, maybe even enlightened. Stay tuned...