Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Goes Down...Must Go Up

Yes, you're reading this right. But don't panic, I don't mean this in the traditional sense--Newton, the apple, all that bologna (can you tell science was never my strong suit).
That being said, this past weekend I was schooled in gravity, and learned that maybe Newtown left something out.

As we all learned, last week was a bit rough. I was tired. Drained. Emotional. Moody. Very, very moody. Last week I had two mornings that ended in tears before I even stepped out the door for work and more arguments disagreements with my boyfriend than in our entire relationship. I was in a serious funk and didn't know how the funk to get over it. 

But thankfully, I've recovered (insert violins) and learned that thank GOD moods are cyclical. Unfortunately they go down. Down, down. Way down. Funky down. But my friends, what Mr. Newton left out (because he clearly didn't know anyone with PMS) was that what goes down must also come up. And mine came up in a big way this weekend. Let me explain.

While it was another crazy weekend, I was home for a wedding. I wasn't attending in the traditional sense, however, I was rather trying out my J. Lo skills helping out my friend with all the last minute details on the big wedding day: 

(Shout out to the beautiful bride)!

While I spent the majority of the reception running around, collecting this that and the other, when I left that evening I could tell that I'd really helped out. I saw a weight lifted off my friend's shoulders and it just made me feel good. As corny as it sounds, I felt good that I could help someone else enjoy not just their day, but the day of all days.  And before I knew it, my mood started to defy gravity.

In addition to wedding-palooza, my boyfriend and I were also home visiting his Dad who was recovering from emergency surgery last weekend. While I sat in the hospital room, looking at someone who not only defied the odds and survived a major surgery, but was on a road to recovery, gravity took its toll and my mood slowly began to vanish. 

I looked around at my boyfriend, who I knew was thankful I was there, even if I wasn't doing anything. I looked around at a family that has let me become part of its own; that has not only allowed me in but welcomed me with open arms.

I felt good for the first time in days. Lucky. Privileged. To be able to do things for others, to be present, to be healthy, to have answered prayers and to just be back to normal. 

So when the going gets tough, forget what you learned in school. What goes down will always come up, even if it takes awhile.

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