Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Routine Or Not To Routine

What a busy week (which you can probably tell from my lack of sharing here...sorry!), but back to school is tough whether you're 8th grade or 18th grade. I finally feel like the storm has passed and after weeks of a trip across America, non stop moving and car bonding time, I'm back on a regular schedule. 

In the last few days of the great adventure, which also happened to be the last weeks of my summer, you think I'd be reveling in the lack of routine. But, I'd hope that at this point we know each other well enough to know that's not how I operate. I remember telling a friend of mine,  while the impending school year was making me want to crawl into bed and not get out, I was looking forward to getting back into a routine and a schedule. Her response? "You're so weird.." If only she knew I'd accepted that a lonnnng time ago.

For one whole week now, I've been doing the routine. And naturally it has its pros and cons. All of this begs the question; to routine or not to routine?


Back to work and school means back to working solid hours during the day and having classes in the evening. I have forced myself to work out everyday this week because I'm suppose to be training for another half marathon. A two hour break between work and class means I know exactly where I'll be. Gross. 

No more car trips. My love affair with the 5-10 hour car rides that have filled our time these last few weeks is officially over. RIP hours of my life I'll never get back, you're surely missed. Don't' think I'm not counting every weekend until I have to hop back in that thing. September 23rd is the next journey home, I have hope I'll be cured by then.

While getting back to school should most likely be on the con list, I can count on two fingers the number of semesters I have left. Funny how you enter grad school in an effort to put off joining the real world, then you're one year down and wish you could drop everything and join right now. However, I know the circus will still be there in May..


Night classes for both my boyfriend and I have resulted in very little relaxing time upon returning home. While coming home is a great relief post-class, I don't think we've eaten dinner before 9:30pm one night this week. Eat, make an effort to clean up the apartment, TV, bed, repeat until Thursday.

Speaking of TV, my poor housewives and Teen Moms have suffered greatly. Between the big trip and then another week without cable I'm scrambling to catch up on all my favorites. Now with school starting I'm falling further and further behind. Rest assured ugly cry Farrah, Maci, Bint-ley and the New Jersey gang (housewives and shore, c'mon now-- I don't discriminate).  You all have not been forgotten..

Now that I'm sharing an apartment, there are two routines. Mine begins at 7:00am, his around 11:00am or later. Damn college kids..

So what have we learned here? Well the grass is always greener I guess. The routine I craved is now here. Womp, womp. 

So when is Thanksgiving break again?

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