Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Guide to Summer 2011

Welcome one and all. Today you've tuned into a super, special edition here at Am I There Yet?; Oprah's Meghan's Favorite Things: Summer Edition (cue screaming audience)... And if you all stick with me through the end of this post there may even be free iPads in it for all of you as well. 

No more teachers, no more books: Ahhhh, it is officially upon us. Summer, at least for some of us. I take this opportunity to apologize to all of you who aren't in summer mode yet. I on, the other hand, will be reveling in it. The sun is shining, the grass is green and I have three glorious months free of night classes and all things learning related (yes, I am the future of America people). But for now, I refuse to feel guilty. Instead, you can find me frying sunning myself at my friend's rooftop pool and drinking gallons of DD iced coffee. If nothing else, I will be caffeinated and bronzed.

Reading: Maybe this wasn't the best follow up after banishing school and learning for the summer months. Oh well, bringing me back full circle to make me once again, a nerd. The end of the school year leaves time for all the summer reading that took a backseat September-May. I made the executive decision that if I were reading anything during the school year it should be my homework (although that didn't really pan out either). So I had to wait until now. My favorite so far? 

Tina Fey's Bossypants. I would recommend this for anyone who secretly enjoys laughing aloud while reading in bed in their empty apartment. I'm just saying. Next on the list? Room, the Hunger Games series and copious amounts of reading material penned by reality TV stars-turned-authors. Did I mention summer is all about guilty pleasures too?

Traveling: Summer gives me plenty of time to catch up on my international, trans-America, exotic, Northeastern travels. Ok so maybe "traveling" is a little too glamorous, but please continue to picture me backpacking through Europe if that's where your mind is taking you. Unfortunately, my travel will be a little narrower, like a 4 hour radius narrower. Already on the list? New York City, Baltimore, Connecticut and the grand finale, Elmira. It'll be easy, inexpensive and fun. Stop trying to make Europe happen, ok?

Zoos and brews: After taking some time to eat my face off recover post-half marathon I've already scheduled my next race--a 10 miler June 18th near the Baltimore Zoo with two friends. But this race, my friends, is special. While crossing the finish line will be incentive enough (yeah right), there is an added bonus for this one; complementary beer for participants and live music following the race. Zoos, brews, and blues? Somewhere, God is listening to me. 

 Ok, so maybe I lied about the iPads...

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