Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Very Different 4th of July

The holiday weekend has come to a close, and most of us are shaking off the long weekend of too much BBQ, booze and late nights filled with fireworks.

But this Tuesday, I am shaking off much heavier feelings. I really, really, really missed him this 4th. In the fireworks he wasn't there to see, in the extra day off, in the beautiful weather and in the laughs I shared all weekend with my friends. 

While this 4th of July wasn't unlike last, spent apart from my boyfriend, this holiday I knew he was really gone. Out there. Somewhere. Doing his job and serving our country. This 4th of July I couldn't get him off my mind; him and the countless other men and women away from their families and loved ones sacrificing themselves for our country. All too often, unless on these holidays that evoke swells of patriotism and pride, not properly thanked for the job they do everyday. 

So on this 4th of July, and everyday after, I promise to never forget. To always be mindful of these men and women, and to always say thank you.

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