Friday, August 5, 2011

Coming Soon..

I know myself, and personally, I don't think many people would describe me as "spontaneous." I have a plan, remember? The one that never unfolds quite as I imagined? Ahh, yes. 

Anyways, while I was waiting on this side of the world for my boyfriend to arrive back in the states (today, by the way.. yayyyy), I thought I had all the specifics of our move accounted for. You see, with him having to fly back to Seattle first, but eventually having to end up back here in Philadelphia with his things and wanting to see family and friends back home, we had a lot of bases to cover. All before the start of school for both of us, him a week before me. Doesn't this sound like one of those word problems? If Jimmy is sitting next to Susie, who is the right of Sandy who is not sitting next to Billy, then where is Joey? Could give you a headache just thinking about it! It may have given me a few..

So the plan was he would fly out of Seattle arrive here in Philadelphia, we'd skip back to our apartment hand in hand and his stuff would be delivered soon after. And what happened? Well, long story short, not that. 

So, drum roll please....
WE'RE DRIVING CROSS COUNTRY! One week from yesterday, I am flying to Seattle to begin the long journey home. One week from today we'll be on the road and enjoying all the majestic scenery, beauty and rest stops that this great country of ours has to offer.

Part of the plan? Hell, No! Something different? An adventure? YES! We've got each other and a GPS. I mean really, what the worst that could happen driving across the country in a U-Haul with a car attached to it..?

To be continued.. 

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