Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alexander Days

Today was an Alexander day: 

Well I guess I should be fair and say that it started out as an Alexander day. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You know what the worst part about a bad day is? When you're mad at all the littlest things that sound foolish even exiting your mouth. Its like once you finally explode and word vomit all over someone to tell them why you're acting like such a bitch sour puss, you can almost read the look on their face that usually says something like this:  

"Really?! That is why you're so frightening today?" This is usually where I want to reply, "Shut up, its my bad day.."

Take me for example. First of all, I woke up and it was Tuesday. Strike one. Tuesdays are almost as bad as Mondays. But I got a cup of coffee in me and was all ready to work on my paper I had put off until the last minute decided to revise in the morning. And what do you know? No freaking Internet. My Internet has been spotty the last couple days, working primarily in the evening, but refusing to rouse in the morning. In better terms? My Internet works only between the hours of 12 and 3 on the third Monday of the month, when the sun is highest int he sky, after turning off and on approximately six times and dancing in a circle around my computer. Or at least that is what it feels like. And have I called Comcast yet....? No, because I'm "too busy." 

Now, since my Internet will be down for the morning I decide to charge my iPod. Non-Internet activity. And what happens? My computer freezes, and my iPod, my BABY (especially now during my half marathon training) freezes and goes black. Wont turn on... wont turn off. Just, nothing. Kind of like that time Carrie got the sad Mac face on her laptop. Shit. 

Once I get all worked up about my iPod, it gets me fired up again about my Nike+ (another should-be staple in my training) and a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas which I have used approximately 2 times and now it is also....you guessed it, kaput. Another thing that I have failed to follow up on because I'm just sooooo busy. Did I mention its only 10:00am? 

Rounding out the morning from hell, I have been trying to sell my boyfriend's iPad case (another Christmas present... we are really terrible at this) on eBay and use the money to put towards his new case. Good news: we have had two separate offers for almost face value. Score! Right? Bad news: Constant PayPal issues= no one can get us money!! So now its roughly 11:00am, and not only am I pissed that technology is clearly against me, I will never run another day in my life because I've decided my iPod is set to blow up any minute, but now I have a light bulb moment and realize I am throwing money out the window on wasted Christmas presents and Internet service that cooperates 25% of the time....
I was ready to pack it in for the day. Work... no thanks, uh... clearly I have bigger problems in my life. And as it always does, my frustration turned emotional (the cherry on top). Because now I wasn't just pissed. I was upset. Upset that my day started off so shitty. Upset that something so stupid had gotten me so riled up. Upset that I couldn't at least look forward to a big hug from my boyfriend upon returning home. Upset it wasn't Friday. Upset the semester won't end. Upset about the paper I got back the other day. Upset about getting so worked up before I'd even digested my coffee. So I did what anyone would do. Allowed myself the next 90 seconds to feel sorry for myself, and forged on. Poured all my misplaced emotion into being productive. And getting through Tuesday. 

We all have Alexander days. But just because its natural every once and awhile doesn't make you feel any less guilty about them. But I hope that by actively trying to make my day better I scored some good karma. 

If not? I guess I'll just move to Australia...


  1. My Tuesday was just the same (well, not identical -- but horrible!)

    and yea... seriously upset by my research grade. I had a mini-freak out. :/

    At least we're one day closer to Friday right?

  2. I love that book. Some days I want to move to Australia too.