Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Tis the Season

Actually, 'tis the season(s) I guess. 

No fools, I am not talking about the holiday season (we were just there, try to keep up). If you watch nearly as much brain-rotting television as I do, you'd know that we my friends have just hit a JACKPOT season!! As I was planning out my week of TV shows  to-dos, I quickly realized how jam packed my schedule was looking.That's right.. too many Teen Moms, housewives, and top chefs to keep up with. On top of that, I just had Bethenney come back on Mondays and a double dose of Real Housewives season premieres, (although lets be honest, who else is a little bored by Miami... way to let me down Latinas). Now if you haven't lost all respect for me, or think you've just  gotten increasingly stupid reading this, let me explain. 

Bravo, MTV and E! The trifecta. Think of them as my NFL, NBA and MLB. And please...don't bug me on game day (whichever nights lineup looks the best for the week). I'd be a lot more interested in fantasy teams if they could be on my terms. To be honest, I think I could create a whole fantasy team out of the cast of Teen Mom 1 & Teen Mom 2. 

-1 point every time Farah breaks out the ugly cry
-1 point every time Debra hates Farah
-1 point every time Gary made a cameo in a too small Aeropostale shirt 
-1 point every time Butch goes back to the slammer
- 5 points just for April & Butch period (love. love. love)
-1 point per hickey that Jennelle shows up with on her "gahd dahm neck"
-1 point for every zinger by Barb

Oh my god. Am I going straight to hell? 

Before you all start fearing for my well being, I know that these aren't pictures of reality (for America's sake lets hope not). But good god are they entertaining. And I do have my favorites now. Because part of me would kind of die for some of these people to be my real life friends: Andy Cohen, Bethenney, VanderPump, Dina Manzo, Rachel "I die" Zoe...and just to shake things up even some NeNe. Can you imagine? I think we'd all get along... 

Until then I'll just have to sit back and watch the madness unfold through my TV Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....

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  1. I think I fall in love with you more and more with every blog.