Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning Along the Way

Back from vacation, and back to reality. I guess it had to happen sometime. Like most of you, I find that with each trip I make (for whatever reason), I always manage to learn a little something new. So while trying to survive a 3 hour layover, I took a minute to think about what I learned from this latest one.

I learned that I love me some Southwest Airlines. I am the kind of customer that airlines hate. I have really no loyalty, I just go based on price. But I think I may have found a match in Southwest. Not only did I love picking my own seat, but the employees were noticeably more friendly than my previous flight experiences, and the free pita chips and water nearly saved my life on the trip back (more on that later).
I learned that I still cannot sleep on planes (fail).

I learned that I will still pay upwards of $10 to stock myself with trashy magazines for my in-flight entertainment, even though I probably have already read everything inside. 

I learned that I really do have the ability to abandon leave my work/school life for a whole week and enjoy every minute of vacation. What else did I learn? I'll hate myself for it on Monday.

I learned that I would do anything for my boyfriend. Case in point, the hundreds (this picture does no justice) of people we so patiently waited in line with for two hours on Friday to purchase the iPad 2, only to be about 50 people short of getting one. 
What else did I learn? I hate the way disappointment looks on his face, and I will do everything in my power to never see it again. 

I learned that patience is a virtue, one that I am still working on.

I learned that playing house is such a tease.

I learned that it really is possible to love someone more and more each day. 

I learned that I am so lucky. Lucky to have found a best friend and a partner. Someone who puts up with all my craziness and emotional outbursts. Someone who loves me. Someone who will hold me tight at the airport, as the tears appear almost on cue, and will tell me everything I so need to hear. "This is hard", "We will make it", "We can do this."  Someone who for two minutes will let me disappear in sadness and will be strong enough for both of us. 

I learned that appearances are MUCH less important when traveling home (aka you should have seen the hot mess I was coming home...homeless is the first word that comes to mind). 

I learned that you should never, ever, EVER travel home slightly hungover (nevertheless when you have 10 hours of travel ahead of you), while on an empty stomach. You will think you're dying, and you will contemplate jumping out of the aircraft. 

I learned that coming home is still the hardest part.


  1. This is wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes reading about your departure from Dan. I know only too well what it is like. Unfortunately, we have had lots of practice. But, those experiences and his travel and training in the Navy have made him strong and more mature. He is very lucky to have found you, too!