Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Washington Style

Ah, spring break. And where I am? #1 spring break destination: Oak Harbor, WA (its an up and coming destination)... I'm alive and well, and enjoying every minute of it.  A big part of me thinks I'm not really ready to leave school anytime soon because I can't wrap my head around the thought of a job that doesn't have two breaks built in, in addition to a hiatus that spans the entire summer (not looking forward to that reality check). 

But this vacation is extra special (weird... I don't think I've mentioned that at all yet), because I get to spend it with my boyfriend. While we had the weekend (and the week ahead) to explore the city and spend a few nights out, there are still plenty of things I appreciate even being back in his small quiet town. Maybe this should be alternately titled, "why I will never leave school love vacation":

1.  No schedule: Those of you who know me know that this really isn't my strong suit. I die for schedules. Routine is my friend. But I have sort of become this new version of myself on vacation (think when Urkle goes into the machine in the Winslow's basement and becomes Stefan...) I have become more relaxed about schedules, or really--the lack of. What do you want to have for dinner? Eh...lets figure it out at the store. Where should we go for dinner? Lets just walk around and find something. When am I going to get a run in? Lets just see what the rest of the days looks like. So not me... I know. But no where in there did I  *insert panic attack*. Welcome to vacation.

2. No sense of time: I guess these two kind of go hand and hand, but I can't tell you how much time we've already spent in the car (mostly because there isn't a ton to do around here). But I could care less. An hour each way to the movies... why not?! Three separate trips to the grocery store? (Deep breath) Fine by me... Getting around to making dinner at 8:00? I guess so! I mean, it makes sense. I'm on west coast vacation time! 

3. Mindless activities: While my boyfriend has had to put in some time and work this week (which I was fully prepared for), I have spent the last few days filling my time with absolutely nothing. And unlike weekends at home I really mean nothing. No school work. No reading. Nada. And while I know this won't fly all week, I have totally loved it. Yesterday, I pounded out just shy of 2 hours on the treadmill. Two hours--THATS ALMOST A WHOLE MOVIE! But, I didn't have anything else to do.. so I just kept running. Also, I caught a Bethenney Getting Married? marathon (ok we'll just pretend thats a special vacation activity..). However, I think I was caught red-handed with that one when Bravo was the first channel to appear on the TV in a house full of 3 boys... 

4. Spoiling: Being alone in this big house all day has given me the opportunity to do things for my boyfriend that I'm sure he'll appreciate. I make the bed in the morning (something that seldom gets done when I'm not here), I try to help out around the house and today I went on a domestic BINGE (remember people, this is a judgement free zone). Mostly for myself, but also because I knew it'd be appreciated. 

Exhibit A: Fresh pan of Mary's fudge brownies (although these were 99% 75% for me):

Exhibit B: Dinner all ready to go for tonight at approximately 1 pm (does this still count if its what I was hungry for?):

But its Fat Tuesday after all... So really, lets just chalk it up to being festive and not being a Real Housewife of Oak Harbor..

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  1. I like this blog, for many reasons. 1. The Urkle reference 2. The "just kept running" statement reminded me of Forest Gump 3. Those brownies look SO delicious and wish my computer were like that TV screen in Willy Wonka and I could just reach in and grab them 4. I'm just happy you get to see your boy this week! :)