Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Juggle Struggle

Lets just say TGIW (thank god its Wednesday), because this week has really been kicking my ass ROUGH. Recently, I have been feeling a wee bit overwhelmed, and if you have to be around me on a daily basis, I extend my utmost apologies...because I'm sure you've been able to feel it. So much to do and so little time. Its what I like to call my juggle struggle. 
There I am. Just me and a few of my closest friends. You know--work, school, relationship, friends, stress, priorities. The whole gang. This is actually depicted perfectly. Because just like this unsuspecting fellow above, all of my balls are about to come crashing down.

Now its not all whoa is me (but continue playing the tiny violins if you're so inclined). A lot of this need to juggle is self imposed, or at least could be avoided. 

Procrastination has been a major (double underline, bold, caps, size 90) problem this semester, and I'm finding that in these next 2-3 weeks alone I have more school work to do than the first 10 weeks of the semester. So yes--I take responsibility, but to be honest, I'd rather complain about it.  

With my man on his way out the door, I have been finding it painstakingly important to soak up every single minute we have left "together" (aka Skype time, phone calls, etc.), and am trying to squish together my hectic schedule to hopefully find some time in May to see him off. You know, between finals, my internship start date and my half marathon. That pinhole of opportunity.

And work you ask? Earlier this semester I was so paranoid about finding paying work for the summer, as I'm barely scraping by on my fairly generous stipend which runs out in May. Now? I have 3 part-time jobs in the works which is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm finding myself increasingly worried about taking on three independent schedules and satisfying everyone's needs and expectations.

Alas, my poor friends. News flash: this is the wrong time of year to call. Or catch up. Or visit. I feel like I need to have an extended voice mail greeting: "Your call will be returned in approximately 3-7 business days. If it isn't...keep waiting." I've also found myself looking at my calendar and having to tell people, "sure I'd love for you to visit for a weekend.. how's June look for you?"

So on top of long overdue mounting school work, soaking up my boyfriend time and career fears, I've helped myself to a side of panicked half-marathon training, money woes and a bit of friend guilt. Talk about a tall order.

I'm starting to wonder if this is something I should get used to. Are there ever really enough hours in the day? 

So the question I extend to you is this: is it a matter of eliminating some of the balls, or just become a better juggler?

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