Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dinner For One

I have always had roommates. Loads of roommates. My last semester of college I lived with eight girls (and believe me, there are parts that I really miss). While studying abroad in Sydney, I lived in what I liked to call the poor man's Real World house. It was a structure that somehow managed to house 16 of us. I get what its like to have roommates, but when I moved to Philadelphia knowing no one, (and not wanting to end up the victim in Lifetime's "The Craigslist Killer") I kind of had no choice but to live alone. So this is my apartment. MINE, as in I share it with no one. 
Yes, those are my pants hanging to dry on the book shelf

Table for romantic
I've pretty much got all I need. Futon, (a futon, like mac & cheese in your pantry, always seems to scream "This couch-like structure (or food-like substance) is my attempt to be an adult, however, I'm far too poor to really be one") check. Plasma TV, check. Table with approximately two chairs (lets not go overboard here), check. I got a little bit fancy and sprung for a whole set of dishes, but lets be honest, lacking a dishwasher I basically use one plate, one glass, and one bowl. 

Some people may look at this picture and think it looks quite sad. One pair of shoes by the door, one book bag on the ground, one jacket in the closet (ok, now I'm just shamelessly lying to you...the number is slightly closer to five..ish). And I admit, sometimes I miss the company of roommates. But its a new experience. I'm also constantly reminded of something my mom told me when I wanted to get a job in high school.. "you'll be working for the rest of your life.." And that's kind of the approach I take with my living situation. Chances are that in the very immediate future, I will not be the only one living here (hint hint, wink wink). And if all goes as planned, that will pretty much squash my days of living alone. 

So instead, I look to the things I love about living in the company one. 

1. No line for the shower. I can't tell you how many times I have had to strategically plan out my day in order to come home to an unoccupied bathroom. Not to mention how crushing it felt when my plan was unexpectedly foiled.

2. Unlimited hot water. Glorious. Hot. Water. After sharing one bathroom with my six person family at home, hot water was not guaranteed. How early do you want to wake up for hot water? HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Oddly enough, I faced this same struggle living with only two other girls..  

3. Remote, control. More bodies means more opinions. And I have a very solid TV schedule. The one down side I see to living with my boyfriend is I know that my Bravo and E! consumption will be severely cut. That or we will need more TVs than people living under one roof. Maybe living together isn't so important after all...

4. Sensory overload. My typical routine while cooking dinner? TV on mute, iTunes playing, both while usually talking or texting on the phone. I'm just taking a stab, but I can presume this may be too much for most roommates to handle without seizing.

5. Questionable attire. I have found myself on more than one occasion trudging with heavy feet to kitchen to get a pot of coffee brewing at the earth shattering hour of 7:00 am. My typical uniform? Hoodie, underwear, moccasins.

So instead of wallowing in the loneliness of my humble abode for one, I choose to look at the bright side. Because eventually (whenever that is) it won't be just me. And although I may have to tailor my living style to be more considerate of someone else, I know it won't all change. Because lets face it. Making coffee in my underwear, is just my basic freedom as an American....

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