Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting the Town Orange

How do I constantly find myself in these sporty situations?!

Last night my fellow Syracuse alum and I broke free from the boring hectic routine that Monday usually provides, and enjoyed a night out on the town (I feel like that  just SCREAMS 40-something married couple) at the SU/Villanova game. And with camera in hand, I was more than ready to document the whole thing. And good thing, because it turned into quite the comical night.

First there were the seats. Syracuse friend had provided the tickets via a Philadelphia SU alumni group, so I was pretty pumped for what I imagined would be our court side seats and my subsequent debut on the jumbo tron. I was also hoping our A-list status would provide us with some sort of  all you can each nachos deal, but I'm not picky--all you can eat hot dogs would suffice. Hmm...looks like I was a little far off. We, instead opted for the "birds eye view" (I'm being kind here).
Did I mention we were a little early too?

A more accurate view....what was directly BEHIND us

The above probably gives you a better idea of where we were sitting. Yep, that's the last row, and the wall right behind us. How is one suppose to admire what a babe Jay Wright is (sorry Boeheim) from this far away?

But true to form, give me a beer and a hot dog and I'll shut up about anything. So we drank, but on our "mean faces", waited for signs of life, and pretended it wasn't a Monday night:

No this was not taken after the place cleared out. We're just punctual

I set a new record by making it until 30 seconds before the half to make my first bathroom break (this is a good night...you 733/735ers can attest to this), and much to my dismay continued to make it rain by purchasing overpriced EVERYTHING. I wish I could have created my own MasterCard ad. It would have read something like this:

Parking: $15
Ticket: $40
Beer: $15
Hot Dog: $4.75
Watching Syracuse beat Villanova at home: $74.75 (priceless my ass...)

But I shouldn't complain, because apparently the door prize upon leaving was as many free packets of Extra-Strength Tylenol you could smuggle out of the place:

They couldn't spring for Excedrin?
Despite everything, the night was actually a ton of fun. We made a night of it. We cheered. We drank. I took too many pictures. And asked too many questions--"Who is that?", "What does he do?", "Why did that happen?" (yeah I was that girl). And commentated the game with a play-by-play that included lines like, "Ohhhh, he's in an ORANGE SANDWICH", and "Looks like a slip and slide out there...", and my personal favorite, "BOO-YA." 

It was great to be back in the action and feel the excitement of a college game. And how did I celebrate the big win? Went home, got in my PJs, and did homework watched Lifetime. Ok, so some things change... 

But who cares. Because we... 
The last embarrassing picture I made him take--he'll me one day!

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