Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run, Run, Run As Fast as You Can: Part 3

Fresh off the heels of my longest run to date, there couldn't be a more perfect time to round out this series. My road to running, no pun intended, has been tough but now its something that I look at as a challenge and dare I say, an enjoyable past time. I've always been self conscious about calling myself a runner. Like I was faking it. But now I am giving myself credit where credit is due. There will always be room for improvement, but I recognize how far I've come. So during my 85 minutes of pounding the pavement on Friday I had too much plenty of time to reflect on why I do this. Why I run:

I run for the challenege.

I run because there are few things that make you feel as accomplished as being totally drenched in sweat.

I run because I now know what calf muscles look like--and I like it.

I run to forget, to get lost in the miles.

I run because I feel stronger, leaner, better.

I run because the shorts are cute.

I run for vanity, and that college weight that just won't shed.

I run because it shows me that hard work pays off. 

I run because on May 15, 2011, I will cross the finish line with 13.1 miles under my belt.

I run because I'm a runner.  

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